Web development is actually a creative task. There is a list of 7 Best Example of Complex Flash Websites which are mentioned in below. The visitors who do not watch these websites never think that these type of websites may like this. You just can’t imagine that these types of websites are such amazing and so creative.

N.B: You watch these websites by giving sound effects because these websites have sound effects. You can’t enjoy yourself without giving sound. You must watch these sites in full screen. And you never forget to keep the cursor of your mouse in various places. You will watch complex effects. let’s see Best Example of Complex Flash in this article.Websites.

“Example of Complex Flash Websites”

As these flash websites can take so many times. So, please wait for this.

1. We Choose The Moon:

In this website, APOLLO 11 Lunar will show so many pictures and information in detailed until landing from Earth to the moon. You can also listen to the various information during the to the time of playing the videos. This video will show you in 11 stages. It can take more than 1 hour to listen and to watch the video because for loading the homepage will take time. Because Flashlight takes huge time for loading. Next, it takes a load in every stage. But, the plus point is that when it takes a load from your PC then it does not a take huge time to load. To watch the whole site it takes more than 1 hour but what you gather the knowledge by watching the video if you search for this topic you never gather knowledge even after 5 hours of searching.

2. Monoface:

It is an amazing website. You will enjoy yourself by watching this website. After the completion of loading, you will watch this website completely in a different figure. Now, click on the different parts of this figure such as eye, face, hair, and nose and watch how it changes itself.

3. Waterlife:

Everything is about water. You will get detailed information about this water. You can also know about the different animals through flash which enriches the glamour of this site.

4. Infinite OZ:

What I would say about this website. It is very difficult to find out any mystery about this website. In this site, there is no information. Only you listen and watch the video. Which kind of video is? Just watch it. So many things through so many things, so many things through so many things, so many things through so many things, so many things through so many things. Do you think that I have made mistakes? No, just have a look this site.

5. Get The Glass:

This site is the California Milk Processor Board. The functions of the flash and thinking process are totally different. This website will tell you to search which one is the original milk bottle. Watch this site, then you will automatically understand about this site. After opening the site, before clicking on the Lunch Full Screen, you watch this video, then “got milk”? Watch the next option, it is amazing.

6. Marc Ecko:

The home page of this site is amazing. The whole web page is very large. If you move the cursor of this mouse, then you will watch that the whole homepage is moving. You can watch various types of pictures on a homepage and after clicking on different pages, you will go to another page.

7. Dave Werner’s Portfolio:

It is a personal portfolio site. It is a site of Dave Werner. If you don’t watch this site, then you never think about this site. It is an amazing website. Extraordinary creative task. You will be surprised after watching the creativity.

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