Are you looking for The Best Online Bookmaker Betting Companies in India? In this article, you will learn all the information about bookmakers based on the analysis of companies providing this kind of service. You will find answers to all your questions regarding registration on the platforms, current bonuses, and promotions, privileges for Indian users.

Bookmaker’s Offices – Who Are They

Online Bookmaker Betting Companies in India - The Best

More than a thousand betting shops are currently operating (as of 2022) year. All of them are in a state of constant competition, every year they try to improve the quality of their services, as well as any other areas of their activities. Another common quality of all companies providing online betting services is the focus on certain users, i.e. players who are residents of one of the countries or people who are in its territory. In our case, we will consider the entire functionality of betting companies that have directed their activities to the Republic of India, including Dafabet.

Legality of Companies

The legality of each company depends on the fact that they are subjected to an audit, a compulsory inspection, which is carried out by the competent authority of any of the states. The most frequent body that issues a certified license for the provision of online gambling services among companies is the Competent Authority of the country of Curacao. It conducts a multi-step check before a license is issued, and also conducts periodic verification of the documentation and execution of all obligations incumbent on the company, which are specified in the license. The government of each state, on whose territory the platform operates, authorizes (signs an agreement) that this kind of service will be provided to a certain company.

There is only one conclusion, all the laws of the countries, especially India, are respected by the bookmakers. Constant checks of documentation and, in general, of the company’s activities, prevent fraudsters from carrying out their activities to the masses. No player (resident or in the territory) of the Republic of India can not worry about breaking at least one law of his country, bookmakers guarantee that all activities which are possible on their platforms are safe and legal for any of the users!

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Protection of Personal Information

Platforms that are developed by companies that provide online betting services always have a system of protection in place.

First of all, these are the actions aimed at protecting the personal data that users enter on the forms when registering, or when participating in any of the tournaments within the company. Websites are secured with SSL encryption, a system that has proven itself in the global marketplace for securing websites and beyond. Also, many companies offer additional services, which vary from site to site. Somewhere it may be a double password to log into your account, and somewhere it may be a personal one-time code, which is sent by the security service of the company via e-mail or directly to your cell phone. All of these methods are aimed solely at ensuring the safety of the personal data (personal data) of the platform’s users. The platforms also do a process of personal identification (verification) for users, this procedure is carried out to detect fraud or to check the existence of a second account for one user, which is strictly prohibited by the statutes of the bookmaker’s office. The procedure has proved itself well in practice and most criminals or dishonest users have been identified.

Secondly, companies try to secure bank transfers or any other transactions made by the player.

Most betting companies use the same protection systems in this area as banks and banking institutions use to protect their customers, so transaction protection is one of the most basic protections companies provide their users with.

Some of the betting shops that have been exposed to cyber-attacks, leave one means of withdrawal from the account – bank transfer, to minimize the possibility of cyber-attacks and theft of funds.

Best Offers – Bonuses and Promos

The most common bonus among bookmakers is the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus includes a percentage that is multiplied by the first deposit and is given in the form of bonus cash to the player’s account. This type of bonus requires certain wagering, which consists of the amount (from x5 to x10 of the amount of the welcome bonus + first deposit) the user must spend on bets. Only after the wagering of the welcome bonus the player can withdraw his winnings. The conditions for receiving a welcome bonus are the amount of the first deposit, the minimum amount of the first deposit is always specified, at which the possibility of using the bonus money appears. The maximum withdrawal amount is also specified in the bonus conditions, so read carefully the conditions for obtaining and wagering this bonus.

Other bonuses in each company are developed separately. Bookmaker offices try to attract as many new users as possible and lucrative promotions are the main method.

It is also possible to start cooperating with the platform and receive a percentage of the invited players. You contact the company’s support service, go through the process of registration as a player-employee of the company and get access to the company’s private information. For example, reports on the players’ activity on the platform, personal consultations of the support service in the area of cooperation, banners, plans for developed promotions, and bonuses. All this is done to ensure that the employee-player can attract new users thanks to the information about promotions that will soon appear on the platform.

VIP status actions for users. Almost every online betting company offers players the opportunity to receive privileges. Depending on your activity, you may be given certain VIP status. Each level offers different bonuses, with some companies at the highest levels even offering a trip for two. Each company is always loyal to active players. The most minimal bonus is free spins, or an individual support phone number that is available 24 hours a day.

Let’s take Dafabet as an example, which offers a welcome bonus of 170%! As long as you have to make any first deposit of 300 Indian rupees or more.

Also presented is the opportunity to get a bonus of 60% on your second deposit and get up to 30,000 Indian rupees (your second deposit + bonus money), count on how much you can win for that amount yourself!

The company also attracts customers with its promo codes, which are placed on the company’s advertising banners in various sources.

Choosing Your Bet

Let us continue to give an example based on this company – Dafabet. On this platform, the most diverse approach to the types of bets for users is available.

In different sports, with almost all teams or individual professional players, the bookmaker’s office offers a huge range of sports betting types.These include:

Over/under bets.
Match winner.
Top batsman.
Man of the match.
Top bowler.
Total runs bets.

And this is not the whole list of possible bets. There is also a table with odds for users, which has a global rating of 6.4! You will find everything you need to bet on this platform.

Mobile App

Not all users can afford to play on the computer or laptop all day. Especially for such players, bookmakers develop their mobile applications. Optimized mobile application is designed for any operating system: iOS and Android. The user will have access to all the functions of the site, just like on the computer. Login and registration are no different from the computer version of the website. If companies can’t provide an app for the time being (this is temporary, as practice shows), the platform will provide the opportunity to use the mobile version of the website, which is optimized for every device.

Betting Stars – Who are they?

All bookmakers care about their image. Signing long-term advertising contracts or contracts to provide their services (collaborations) is one of the best ways to prove their legitimacy and their status in the gambling community. Some popular players participate directly in watching a match or any other competition along with the players who bet, users have the opportunity to interact with a popular personality in a particular sport (former or current athlete), or with a global star who has many fans all over the globe. Also, many stars consult for certain types of players. Such examples are often encountered when going through the conditions of obtaining VIP status on the platform. The most prominent examples of such a personality are Sunny Leone, a well-known personality not only in India but all over the world, who has a large number of followers on social networks. Famous players in tennis, cricket, or soccer can conduct a consultation on a sporting event, this type of bonus is not available to all players, but every user has the opportunity to get such a consultation.

Often bookmakers cooperate with entire professional teams, for example, soccer clubs of the world scale, i.e. English Premier League, or teams of the first division. They participate in promotions and the logo of the bookmaker’s office is placed at the same level on the teams’ stadium in home matches on banners.

Player Support Service

Support services occupy one of the most important places in every company. The support department is engaged in constant consultation with players on all matters of interest. The support service is available 24/7, but not everywhere you can get an answer, it all depends on the way of contacting this department.

The first way is online chat. Location: the main page of the official website. Waiting time: from 1 minute to 1 hour.

The second way is email. Location: the e-mail address of the support department can be found in the “Information” or “Helpdesk”. Waiting time: from 24 hours to 7 days.

A third way is a phone number. (not every company has this service). Location: the section “Information” on the website of the platform. Waiting time: from 3 minutes to 3-4 hours.

All betting companies care about how they provide services, about a good impression of using their platform, and about the quality of their employees, so they are very sensitive to customer requirements and follow the large-scale changes in the society of players’ desire for online betting. Every bookmaker’s office strives daily to:

Become better for its players;

To become larger in the market of these kinds of companies;
To have a competitive status;
To increase the level of trust and quality of services provided;
To solve the problems of their clients.

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