Hello! Everyone. Today I am going to share some tips on how to avoid your emails landing in the spam box (Folder). So If you are searching for that for a long time then this article is for you. So, let me explain Top 5 Tips about How to avoid the SPAM Box (Folder) step by step.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid the SPAM Box (Folder) – Email Marketing

Top 5 Tips to avoid the SPAM Box (Folder) - Email Marketing
Top 5 Tips to avoid the SPAM Box (Folder) – Email Marketing

1. Don’t Purchase Lists:

No matter how tall the claims are, most of this list will contain emails, which are  dysfunctional and will contain spam type ID which will dent your IP reputation and lead to
Email landing in the spam folder.

2.  Segmentation of Your List:

Segmentation of your list means, your emails will be sent more targeted and personalized. This reduces the chances of your emails getting annoyed and deleting your emails without even reading them.

3. Avoid Using Sloppy HTML Code:

Spam filters check the HTML code, particularly when it’s done in, MS Word. Also using elements like JavaScript are strictly propagated. Because of the dot spam filter friendly.

4. Avoid Using Tricks:

Avoid Using Tricks Like Deceptive Subject lines misleading content and falls from the name and email addresses. They no longer work, if you’re caught using any of such practices. The chances are you will get a permanent dent in your email marketing deliverability.

5. Test Your Email on Your Seed List:

Last but not the least, test Your Email on Your Seed List. Testing your emails on your seed list will help you identify where the problem is? In case promotional emails on landing in the spam folder that means when you do an actual campaign, most of the emails will land in the spam folder.

My Last Words:

So, hope this article is helpful for you and following this five test in your next email campaign will help resolve your spam box challenges.

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