Hello Everyone. Today I this post I am going share How to Use Dismiss as Admin option On IOS Remove Admin Feature. WhatsApp is developing at lightning speed day by day. The Facebook-owned Whatsapp is launching new features for its users, in order to increase the Group admin experience, giving them “Dismiss As Admin” feature option. This new feature can allow a group admin to dismiss another admin, without removing the person from the group.

WhatsApp Dismiss as Admin Option for Groups On IOS

WhatsApp Dismiss as Admin Option for Groups On IOS

As of now when an admin promotes someone to the admin position, removing them as admin meant that they have to be demoted from the group completely. But Now, WhatsApp is now testing a feature, which will allow a particular admin to be removed and the concerned person would not be throughout from the group entirely.

WhatsApp has shown it will try and increase the power of group admins wherein they could check messages, GIFs, etc, sent by members. By this ‘Restricted groups’ could see more control by admins.

WhatsApp Demote Feature for Groups on iOS

The new feature Whatsapp Dismiss as Admin option, will allow an administrator or Admin to dismiss another admin without removing him from the group. Now the option is present in Group Info section.

Using the Dismiss as Admin option, possibly allows admin to demote or remove the group creator from the group, but WhatsApp is performing some checks that will prevent administrators to demote or remove him from it. It is necessary to directly remove him from the group, adding him again.

Now, WhatsApp is working on this feature for iOS and it will be available soon for windows and android phone users, instead of for Android, it is already enabled by default in the Newest WhatsApp Google Play beta for Android 2.18.12!

It has also been reported by researchers that WhatsApp group chat might not be so safe and a malicious server could allow someone to be privately added to the group.

However, WhatsApp has looked out that it does give notifications and alerts when a new user is added to the group.

But researchers have also shown that this hacker could define group alerts, messages etc once they are successfully added to the group.

WhatsApp is also testing a new ‘Quick Switch’ feature to let users shift from voice call to video. The feature is already live in Android beta version of the app.

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