Best Online Text Editors: Almost all writers are familiar with the term a text editor. Text editing may seem a nuisance to some but so many organizations around the globe considerably depend on it for many of their content enterprises. Both developers and publishers remain in touch with text and code editing in one way or the other for their workflow. The academic writers, students, and copywriters especially bounce in and out of them on daily basis. No matter you are composing notes for a project or writing PHP, there is a list of credible tools that can make your task a lot easier and save you tons of time.

5 Best Online Text Editors that Speed up Your Workflow

5 Best Online Text Editors that Speed up Your WorkflowThrough this article, we will share with you the peculiar features of the five best online text editors that can speed up your workflow. Here’s a list of those AI-based text editors.

  1. Online Text Editor by
  2. org
  3. Edit Pad by
  4. com
  5. io

Some of these online note pads are greatly helpful for professional developers while others are excellent for writers and beginners. These text editors are available in free and paid versions. The tools are dependable and supportive for the people who have to produce a lot of content and have very little time to write it manually. To gain the best-edited content you only need a PC or a laptop with a good internet connection. Let’s have an overview of our favorite online text editors without further delay.

  1. Online Text Editor by Prepostseo

This tool is significant for making your content free of errors, however minor it may be. The students, research writers, and content creators particularly face this issue.

They spend much of their time in a content generation with deep research. But when it comes to submitting accurate and 100% error-free content, they feel too exhausted to go through every sentence minutely to free their text from spelling or grammar mistakes.

In the age of technology, this best online text editor provides grammar and plagiarism checking as well. The students and content writers reliably use this notepad online to free their content of mistakes and plagiarism in a few minutes. This tool has enhanced the worth and credibility of their text and added to their confidence, saving them much time.

In addition to grammar and plagiarism checking the tool is equally favorable for text editing and paraphrasing. To edit your text on this tool, you need not install it first.

Peculiar Features

  • No long and complicated process to install the tool on your PC. The online text editor works best with fast internet connectivity.
  • Easy to use the tool. You can directly type your text here or paste it to get edited. It also facilitates the corporate professionals to insert tables in their text right at the last hours before submitting their files.
  • The tool delivers two options to save your file. After getting your text edited, either click on “save as word”, or “save as pdf” as per your requirements. Students mostly save their content in word format whereas the finance professionals need to submit it in PDF format.
  • It is a free online text editor with no limited access. Anyone can use it anytime getting online to process his text from any part of the world.
  • It takes very little time for authentic and error-free editing.

Edit pad is one of the best online text editors specialized to edit plain text. Its working criterion resembles that of the online note pad of Microsoft. It’s a very easy-to-use tool. It lets you open and compose your notes online directly.

You can copy-paste the ‘to be edited’ text on it and save it in a secured file. Moreover, the user is also free to upload his file from Computer, Google Drive, or One Drive. Another significant feature of this online text editor is that it allows you to add, delete, or copy-paste text on it.

Peculiar Features

  • This online text editor lets you know the total number of words copy-paste or written.
  • It also tells you the exact number of characters in your text. This credible online notepad is perfect for checking the grammar and plagiarism of the edited, pasted, or uploaded text. The same tool helps you paraphrase and summarize your text.
  • One of the best features of this unique text editor is that the user doesn’t require installing it on his computer to complete his task.
  • Using this tool, you can convert your rich text into plain text as it is featured with removing formatting in Word, Excel, or Google docs.
  • This online notepad is the best alternative to Prepostseo, Notepad++, and Microsoft office.
  • Edit pad delivers an option to download and save the rewritten text directly into your system with a single click.
  • The user can also expand the text editor area to full screen that can be returned to normal by clicking “EScbutton”.
  • It also provides you with a file-sharing facility by which you can share unlimited files.
  • Password protection is another salient feature that makes it stand out among other online notepads.
  • Its mobile app will soon be available.

How this tool can perfectly edit your text, turning it free of grammatical mistakes and plagiarism? Let’s understand by an example.

  1. Edit Pad by

It is another significant online text editor which is used to edit text online without installation. This editor can also check the grammar and plagiarism of your given text. Its use is quite simple. The users find no difficulty working on it for the first time. Its features are mostly similar to MS Word. You can type your text on the blank area available and then you can

  • Check your file
  • Save your file
  • Paraphrase the written text

This online notepad has not been created for a limited group of people. Any user can access this free editor anywhere and anytime to edit his text without any trouble.

However, the frequent users include

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Professors
  • Content Writers
  • Web Developers
  • Office Workers

Peculiar Features

  • This top-notch tool delivers its users the best editing facility over the internet platforms.
  • Its toolbar carries all the important features that can turn your content professionally looking. These features are:
  1. Editing option
  2. Viewing option
  • Formatting option
  1. Tables
  • The tool does not require the expertise of an operator to run. Following a few simple steps, you can process your text.
  • The tool provides its users with an error-free and quick service. You can download the completely edited file with a single click.
  • Like MS Word, this online text editor also provides the facility to save the edited file in doc or pdf.
  • The tool also provides 100% data security to its users. The data can never be transferred to any third party. After the user picks his edited file, the server no more saves the file!

Hemingwayapp is ideally an essential tool for professional writers and publishers. For the text editing, it presents a free version but those who need to use it continually are supposed to pay to keep it active. The significant aspect to consider is that the licenses are per-user rather than per-machine. So, many users can log in to this tool at the same time on various computers and operating systems with the same license. It is characterized by the most advanced features that one can expect out of top text editors.

The fundamental advantage of this desktop app is that it offers shortcuts to quickly find some functions and making immediate changes to diversified sentences at once. It presents replacing words, symbols, or phrases within an eye blink. In addition to that, it automatically generates an index of all methods and function. So, you may get benefits from shortcuts and personalize them to complete your work quickly.

Peculiar Features

  • The tool offers you free text editing
  • You can run this desktop application on any platform like Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • It offers a split editing facility to manage and edit files next to each other.
  • It highlights long, complex and useless sentences in different colours to edit them quickly.
  • It also provides exceedingly powerful and user-friendly shortcuts. The user can customize anything in this favorite text editor.

It is another famous advanced online text editor in the market. It is featured with powerful editing components and is available in a compact package with no fees.

You do not need to activate this tool on your device as it is completely free to use. It means that all the content creators and developers can take advantage of this text editor. You can use this online editor even without registration with the platform.

Another salient characteristic of this tool is that it allows you to synchronize your data if you have changed the device. The tool will store your data in the browser and enable you to access it from any place. Editing text and manipulating code in stackedit sound very easy as it has a user-friendly and simple interface.

Peculiar Features

  • This tool is entirely free for all to use

It offers easily understandable customization tools that are most effective for advanced developers.

  • Another peculiar feature of this online editor is that it has auto-completion settings that save you from the trouble of finishing functions, parameters, and words typing them over and over again.
  • It is the best option for beginners as it reveals all easy-to-understand functions.
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