Many open-air office spaces are silent while everyone works on their daily tasks; it is so quiet that it is almost distracting. While most people might believe productivity would improve in this environment, it can be challenging to focus when it is too silent.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Sound Masking Speakers

The reason for this is due to distractions like doors closing, people talking or walking through the building, someone opening a desk drawer, keys clicking on the computer keyboard; sounds are magnified.

There is no privacy with calls, meetings, or client interactions. It can affect staff morale, decrease productivity, and impact overall revenue for the business.

Employees in most industries are more concerned with the lack of speech privacy than the distractions they endure. With steady background noise, private conversations can be heard from as far as “50 feet away.”

How Can Businesses Benefit From Sound Masking Speakers?

A suggestion considered has been to go back to the old-school office design with “closed doors,” but this can be not only structurally an intensive effort and cost, but it eliminates the benefits of an open atmosphere, including the propensity for collaborating, teamwork. More companies are investing in sound masking speakers for privacy as the optimum solution. The equipment is unobtrusive in the workspace but still effectively protects speech privacy, allowing minimal distractions and increased productivity.

What are the Benefits of Sound Masking?

How Can Businesses Benefit From Sound Masking Speakers

Nowadays, open work areas encourage collaboration, teamwork and allow a close-knit culture, ideal for modern business. In that same vein, these areas have drawbacks, including the potential for lack of speech privacy, a complaint among many companies.

Colleague conversations can be heard from considerable distances and distractions are rampant when trying to focus. Many employees report difficulty being able to concentrate on the job front. These challenges lead to a reduction in productivity and loss of revenue for the organization.

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Fortunately, sound masking can resolve the issues by adding ambient noise to the background, targeting a frequency comparable to human speech, making it less intelligible. The “distraction radius” created by conversations is decreased by preventing the sound from traveling great distances.

The tool does not only use white noise but ambient sound fading into the background.

Find a guide to sound masking for your business at and then follow here for distinct benefits a business can expect when using sound masking as a tool to encourage speech privacy in the workspace.

Increase in speech privacy

In an open-air layout, speech privacy is a primary concern for staff in many companies in the current business landscape. While most prefer this office setting because it encourages greater collaboration, teamwork, and a close-knit culture, having discretion with conversations is challenging.

With sound masking, human speech is rendered unintelligible and traveling sound is limited allowing staff a greater degree of privacy in the workspace. Whether speaking on the phone or meeting with a colleague or client, fewer people are privy to the details of the conference.

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Distractions are minimal 

In surveys taken among work staff, a majority of employees stated that coworker chitchat and sounds within their surroundings were top distractions while trying to focus on tasks.

Sound masking counteracts these noises but it is not so loud that you’re unable to talk with someone or collaborate as a group without hearing what’s being said. No one else outside of the meeting will hear details when you are having a departmental meeting.

If there is a training program in the building, the boisterous crowd interacting in the session will not disturb other employees throughout the work environment. The sound masking speakers will prevent the noise from traveling distances. Read here about sound masking systems.

The ambient noise reduces the distracting noise

It might seem contradictory to make it noisy in order to eliminate noise, but sound masking adds ambient sounds that match human speech frequencies and tends to fade into the background. Sound masking produces a noise similar to the air flowing.

Over time, the noise is barely noticeable but reduces distractions and conversations that typically travel throughout a work environment.

In reality, the ambient noise keeps the overall noise level down, making the building quieter and allowing for a greater level of focus, leading to higher morale and increased productivity.

Comfort is heightened in the business setting

No one in a business setting wants complete and utter silence. The slightest sound can be distracting in an environment like that plus everyone can hear each conversation, phone call, and interaction. It is an awkward atmosphere. In that same vein, an incredibly loud setting makes it difficult to focus on any task.

Sound masking allows a balance where it is not too quiet but not overly noisy. It is a comfortable setting to work in a focused and less-distracted mindset without fearing others hearing sensitive information during calls or conferences with clients or other colleagues.

Improves the volume of work produced

How Can Businesses Benefit From Sound Masking Speakers

The biggest advantage of sound masking is the increased productivity it allows a company’s employees. The suggestion is that distractions and interruptions can take away as much as 20 minutes from a staff member’s time before they can get back into focus.

Considering the many distractions that can occur in a business setting, it can result in a lot of downtime and revenue loss for the company. With sound masking equipment, staff have fewer interruptions.

While the noise fades into the background it keeps other sounds from disrupting the staff’s focus. This leaves employees more motivated and improves the volume of work they can produce.

Final Thought

Sound masking equipment can be tailored to suit your business and is scalable. As your company changes and grows the equipment will adapt with you. When your staff is unmotivated and dissatisfied at the loss of speech privacy, finding a viable solution is important.

Sound masking equipment is discreet but effective at protecting the privacy of staff and clients as they do business. The frequency is equal to that of human speech making conversations unintelligible and reducing distractions.

It allows a boost to employee morale leading to improvements in the volume of work produced from which the company will reap rewards with higher revenue.

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