Are You Searching For What Are The Best Technologies That Can Improve School Security? If Yes Then We Are Going to Share Top 10 Technologies That Can Improve School Security. Schools are one of the most commonly used community gathering places. The school campus is an area where a lot of people can freely enter and exit. Unfortunately, security isn’t always prioritized in schools, which is worrisome. With escalating gun violence in recent years, robust security measures are needed.

Technology has a major role in improving school security. There are several forms of security software and anonymous alert apps, allowing students and staff to report potential security threats. This makes it so that students can feel safe and comfortable sharing any concerns they have about safety. Some software will also permit students to submit past incidents of bullying, abuse, and potential problems with security.

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10 Technologies That Can Improve School Security

10 Technologies That Can Improve School SecurityCheck out these 10 innovative technologies that can improve security in schools:

1. ID Tags

ID tags, RFID tech in IDs, and this style of ‘security through identification’ can create what many businesses recognize as access control systems. This is a way to control who enters. It assigns everyone a key card. Though it slows down the act of entering and exiting, it can also prove successful at keeping out unauthorized users.

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2. Entry-Control

Electromagnetic door locks can prove valuable in an emergency. They use a magnet to lock doorways, making it more difficult to break through than with a standard door lock. If a violent individual is present or if there’s an active shooter, this can be enough to deter them from a classroom.

3. Panic Buttons

A school is very difficult to secure. You have multiple large groups in different corners of the property, each clustered in their own area. One of the best technologies that improve school security is a way to communicate an emergency quickly from one room to the administrator’s desk. A panic button system is a fast way for a teacher or supervisor to get the word out quickly that there’s been a breach.

4. Weapon Detection Sensors

weapon detection sensor is installed at key entrances. This tech can detect if someone’s carrying a concealed weapon, such as a handgun or knife. When it comes to sneaking in weapons, weapon detection sensors make it impossible to do so. The sensor would notify security personnel whenever an intruder carrying a weapon has walked through the door. They can apprehend the individual within seconds.

5. Physical Barriers

Make it difficult for an unauthorized user to enter, including strong locks, heavy doors, and thick glass. These sorts of things, though simple, add seconds to the journey of someone trying to enter and cause harm. They provide teachers, students, and others more time to react and remove themselves from the situation. It also allows the tech to come into play, from emergency notifications to cloud surveillance.

6. Metal Detectors

Since the 1990s, we’ve seen the use of metal detectors to catch students bringing in guns, knives, ammunition, and impact weapons such as hammers, canes, and similar items. As helpful as metal detection is, it’s not perfect. If a student can find another way to bring in a weapon – and many can – they can pass through a metal detector without getting caught with an item. Metal detectors have a place in school security, yes, however, they aren’t the be-all/end-all.

7. Video Monitoring

Video surveillance is as cheap as it’s ever been. Installing cameras for recording or motion detection-based recording is an added form of security that can be applied to sensitive rooms. For example, if there’s an area where sensitive information is kept, you will want strong security standards applied to that space. Some form of video monitoring may be necessary.

8. Cloud Surveillance

Cloud surveillance is the act of storing what’s recorded on video surveillance in a cloud. This provides ongoing data that can be referenced at a later date, or real-time video monitoring police can access if need be.

The surveillance is saved on a cloud and there is no hard drive involved. As such, schools can make arrangements with the local police to ensure they can access this video surveillance in real-time for any security breaches. This provides authorities with a major advantage, once they are notified, in securing premises quickly and with minimal damage.

9. Notification Systems

If there is a security threat, you want a notification system in place to alert the authorities and relevant stakeholders. This may or may not involve certain alarms, an automated police notification, and an SMS system. If people need to be kept away from the premises, such as an active shooter situation, a quick notification can help keep students away while the security threat is handled.

Alarms and other systems designed to notify security personnel of a breach can help when a threat takes place during off-hours. Even when there’s no one at a school, the building is still a target for vandalism and property damage.

10. Social Media Monitoring

Sometimes, cyberbullying leads to in-person violence at school. From a school security perspective, there are various social media monitoring tools that can scour relevant social media pages for dangerous words, bullying, and evidence of self-harm. Through the algorithms of these programs, school administrators would be notified if anything was found.

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