The job space of the modern world is a highly competitive marketplace, and companies are on a continuous lookout for the right talent. After hiring an employee, organizations come up with training and development plans to upskill them and ensure business continuity. While there are many ways of organizing such programs, videos are the most effective way of getting your message across to the employees. In this article, we will dwell upon the advantages of using video in training and development.

Benefits of using video in training and development

Benefits of Using Video in Training and DevelopmentSaves Resources

Under the conventional setup of instructor-based learning, 85% of every $1 is spent in conveying the lecture. This involves spending money on the travel, food, and accommodation of the instructor. With video-based training programs, you do away with such expenses. All you need is a venue where your employees can assemble and listen to the video.

Alternatively, you can ask your employees to watch the video at their convenience from their workstations. Another financial advantage of a video-based training program is that it is a one-time expense. When you pay for a source, you get the copyright over it. That way, you can refurbish it to create promotional material for a long time.

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Video is Flexible

Different people have different learning patterns, and you need to respect that when you train your employees. For example, some people retain more information by listening while others grasp concepts better by watching. Video is flexible content and caters to both these sets of people.

As an organization, you can leverage video in your development programs for inducing new hires into your company culture. There are different styles of videos, and you can use them to explain a new product or tool to your employees, deliver information about a new service launch or boost your customer support skills. Identify how you intend to leverage video in your training programs and then come up with ways to create videos online.

Videos Provide Better Engagement

Conventional instructor-based training programs are often seen as boring, and employees fail to pay attention to the sessions. With video, the content is presented engagingly. Studies show that 75% of employees prefer to watch an educational video instead of reading emails or web articles.

Videos attract attention, and people enjoy them more than other forms of content. If you want your employees to participate in the development programs, then videos are the ideal choice.

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Use Videos Anytime

For most organizations, it is a Herculean task to get all the employees to attend an instructor-based training session at the same time.  Business expectations cause schedule conflict, and some employees will inevitably miss out on the sessions. With video, organizations can overcome this problem by asking trainers to record their sessions.

The videos will then be shared with the employees who can watch them at their convenience. If the organization uploads the videos to the company’s website, employees can access them multiple times, if needed. Such a practice is especially useful for slow learners.

Higher Information Retention

The purpose of most development programs is to upskill the employees so that they can use the knowledge in the future. Studies have shown that an average employee forgets 65% of the content after a week. In 6 months, 90% of the concepts taught by the instructor are forgotten.

However, the use of video in training results in a 65% increase in the retention rate. This is because when a video is used in training, it caters to the audio and visual senses at the same time.

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Video Gives Equal Learning Opportunities

To ensure that the development programs do not take a toll on your team’s productivity, you may need to divide your team into groups. For instance, your team may be divided into groups A and B. Group A is sent for the instructor-based training on Monday, whereas group B needs to do it on Tuesday.

In such a situation, it can happen that the two groups do not get the same trainer. The group that goes for training on Monday may have weekend hangovers that put them at a disadvantage. To avoid such a scenario and ensure equal learning opportunities for all your employees, try to inculcate videos in your development programs.

It is Easier to Share Videos

When an employee comes across a video resource that is useful for his team, they can share the same with the teammates. As videos are entertaining and engaging content, employees find it easier to share them with their colleagues. When you invest in creating a high-quality development video, you can expect it to reach a wider audience in the long run.

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Videos Boost Work Productivity

Under the traditional scheme of things, employees will be taken out of their workplaces for training presentations. These instructor-based presentations can last hours. The tasks that the employee was supposed to accomplish that day go unattended. From the organizational perspective, this translates to lesser productivity. At a personal level, when an employee is not able to meet the deadlines that are expected of him, it leads to unnecessary stress and tension.

When you use videos in your training programs, the employees do not need to be physically present at the training venue. They can accommodate it within their work schedule and watch the video when they have some spare time. That way, your organizational productivity is not hampered, and your employees remain in a peaceful state of mind.

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Thus, you see that the video gives you several opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your training and development program. Under the traditional training methodologies, it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the session. For example, there are multiple instances where an organization has successful sessions with the team but are unsure of whether the employees are reading the training material.

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With the advanced analytics tools that come with video, organizations can gauge the engagement on their videos. Irrespective of what your incentive is, understand that the future of training lies in the video. Organizations that jump the bandwagon today will be at an advantage.

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