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LoudTronix MP3 Download Free: LoudTronics is one of the oldest and most trusted Youtube MP3 converters that has remained free since its release. This downloader is one of the first video converters created before YouTube began its monetization process. It came out as early as 2008-2009 and has become a famous go-to for YouTube video conversions and downloads. Here is How to Download LoudTronix Free Music in Simple Ways.

Want to download your favorite YouTube videos for constant enjoyment for free? If you’ve just discovered, you can do this, and if you’ve only heard of this fantastic website, let’s get started on this YouTube Video download tutorial.

How To Successfully Download LoudTronix Free Music

LoudTronix MP3 Download Free

LoudTronix is no longer under the domain name Loudtronix.com, it is known under the name Loudtronix.me and also LoudTronix.co. The LoudTronix free music download application is still available online for free use.

Heres how you use this still relevant and easy to use,

YouTube Video Converter and Downloader

1 – Find your desired YouTube video that you want to download onto your device. This can be done on a computer or any mobile device. Copy the URL of the video into your clipboard.

2 – Go to Loudtronics.com and find the text box to paste your copied YouTube Video URL.

3 – Proceed to click the “Search” button and allow the program to find your YouTube video link.

4 – After the video link is found by the application, you will be presented with the option to download an MP3 or Video of the YouTube link.

5 – Click the Download button and wait for the download process to complete.

Browsers that should be used for LoudTronics.Com:

Firefox and Google Chrome are the browsers recommended for successful use of the Youtube Video Converter. LoudTronix MP3 Downloader requires Javascript support to work properly and successfully download files.

The speed of the download is dependent on the service used to download the MP3 file. Download speed also depends on the size and video quality of the link.

Free Alternative to LoudTronix

Although the LoudTronix team is diligent with maintenance, updates aren’t regularly made on the website, which can cause occasional errors, or sometimes the site may even be down. If this problem ever occurs while you’re using the site, there are alternative downloaders for when the LoudTronix website is down or generating error messages.

Some of the error messages maybe

“This video may be unavailable to the public”

“Please check the video link for availability in your country.”

“An error occurred! Please try again later”

Fix YouTubeInMP4 Errors – Free YouTubeInMP4 Downloader For Youtube Videos

If you experience any of these error messages, you can use WonderFoxFree HD Video Converter Factory, which is just as popular as the LoudTronix Music converter, except it can download MP4s and other more advanced audio and video files.

LoudTronics supports most devices and browsers and is used to convert YouTube videos into audio for music players.

If you want to continue learning how to use the LoudTronix YouTube Video file converter alternative just in case,

Keep Reading!

Directions for using LoudTronix MP3 Downloader Substitute: WonderFoxFree HD Video Converter factory

WonderFoxFree HD Video Converter Factory is not a website but a software application. To use the software, you have to first download the free file from the site and proceed with installation directions.

Instructions for using WonderFoxFree HD Video Converter Factory

Find and copy the share link for YouTube Music URL

Find the video that you want to copy the link to and use in your WonderFoxFree HD Video Converter Factory to convert into an audio file. Once you’ve found the desired YouTube video, you can then click the share option below the video and copy the video link into your clipboard.

Paste the Share link to the YouTube video into the text box

Once you’ve downloaded the WonderFoxFree converter, you can open the application software and paste the URL link from YouTube into the text box to begin the conversion process. Click the analysis option to enter the data transfer process. Once the link has been analyzed and the data collected, you will be prompted to format output options.

Chose the best download option that best fits your download capabilities

  • Video
  • Audio
  • 4KHD
  • Webpage

As an added step, you could convert your newly downloaded video into various formats that will appear automatically on the main menu screen. Output formats can be changed and conformed to the right interface, and videos can be turned into an MP3 format to be audio-only.


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