Are You searching for “Fix YouTubeInMP4 not Working“? Before starting this article, on How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTubeInMP4 Downloader? You should know that the older version of YouTubeInMP4 is no longer the name of this popular video converter, but for the sake of those who are familiar with the website, we will call it YouTubeInMP4 downloader.

Repairing Errors in YouTubeInMP4 – Instructions on Downloading Youtube Videos For free using YouTubeInMP4 Downloader

Free YouTubeInMP4 DownloaderThis video converter allows users to download and watch YouTube videos without needing an internet connection. There is a growing number of people who want to download their favorite YouTube videos and watch them on the go without wasting data. This video conversion downloader is the best way to do just that and is the most trustworthy and popular video downloader used today.

Most of the People think that  youtubeinmp4 virus. But it is not the truth. this is a legit platform to download any youtube videos directly from youtube. Here are the method and instructions on how to download your favorite Youtube videos and have them on demand at your fingertips, even without an internet connection.

YouTube video MP4 Conversion Method – How to download MP4 file Youtube Videos

Copy the Youtube Video URL into your Clipboard

Open your desired YouTube video and click the share button. In the menu, there is an option to copy the link of the video for sharing. Copy the link of the video and open the URL YouTubeInMP4 converter and proceed to the download window.

Paste the URL of the desired YouTube video into the provided text box.

After opening the YouTubeInMp4 converter and download window, there will be a provided textbox where you will paste the copied YouTube video URL. Paste the URL into the text box and proceed to click the “Convert into MP4” option.

3 – Download the Newly Converted YouTube MP4 File

Before you can download your new YouTube MP4 File, you will be redirected to a rating page. After you review the Converter Application, you will then be redirected again to the Download option. Click on the “Download MP4” button to begin the download process. Another commercial page will appear while you are waiting for your file to download.

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

A frequently asked question about the Youtube MP4 Converter and downloaders is whether it’s safe or not (due to the many advertisements that can be present through the download stages).

The answer is in the review below.

How the New compares to the old YouTubeInMP4 downloader: Review

It’s an excellent option for quick and easy downloads of YouTube videos on the go

Although both websites are the same, there are a few differences between the new and older version of this popular YouTube Video Converter and downloader, Youtubeinmp4 redirect

The New URL for the YouTubeInMP4 Downloader is now

The most significant difference is the number of advertisements that pop-up during the download and conversion processes.

The program is entirely free, and to fund its continued availability, the website has created click funnels to generate revenue. The advertisements pay for the website to remain open to users and provide the same quick conversion and downloading services.

ConvertInMP4 ability to download YouTube Videos in HD 

Attempting to download 1080p videos on these downloaders is simple and provides pretty good quality video and audio. There are only options to download WebM, MP4, 3GP converted videos through its converter software. Although the developers claim it can handle HD videos, there has yet to be a time where it’s been done without errors and problems with the video quality. doesn’t seem to be able to handle 1080p video conversions and downloads, but anything below that quality is easily viewed offline after download.

Downloader Extension Capabilities: Does have the same extensions as the older YouTubeInMP4 converter?

The updated converter allows for an expansion since July of 2013. This augmentation doesn’t work now, though, because the developers have not given the maintenance of the extension since the last update in 2013. The advancement group of the website does not keep up with the site and can be found to neglect to update the website blog.

The downloader can be used without Java Applet and is also compatible with mobile devices. The application extension no longer works as of now and is no longer compatible with most devices.

YouTubeInMP4 Usual Online-Server Issues and Problems

Because of the system association or over-burden server, I additionally et aside any effort to download HD videos and even neglected to do it at all.

Attempts to download various diverse YouTube videos to test the practicability of Much of the time, it functioned admirably on downloading typical low-quality YouTube videos, yet the underlying issues of the downloader are blocking advertisements and events.

Rather than downloading YouTube recordings with its new site,, it’s increasingly prudent to utilize work area YouTube downloader choice to dispose of any server issues.

Through this audit and review of the converter and downloader, you can discover the reality that YouTubeInMP4 isn’t able to create high-quality YouTube video downloads any longer, because the developers have just given up on the website altogether since it’s the last update in July of 2013.

The site no longer works, but an alternative source converter and downloader is out that has surpassed all expectations and has a development team that updates the site regularly.

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

A free yet efficient conversion YouTube Video downloading program. It’s continually refreshed to stay aware of the most recent YouTube video encryption tech. It empowers you to download 4k recordings, 1080p recordings, 720p recordings, and more from YouTube and other well-known sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Daily movement, and so forth and convert online YouTube videos to MP4 and 300+ different arrangements. Introduce WonderFox Free HD Video Converter here to download YouTube recordings easily!

Real Video Resolution Difference Between 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p Videos

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