How to Increase Any Android Ram Without Rooting

Hello Everyone, So, do you want to increase ram in Any Android Phone? If yes, then we must say Today in this post I am going to show you How you can easily increase any android RAM without Rooting your device. Basically, there are several methods with which you can Expand ram of your android phone but most of those methods ask you to Root access. That means your device should be rooted before going to Increase your RAM up. But, thinking all over the matter we have going to share a complete Guide to Boost your RAM easily and you will be able to Expand Ram on Non rooted devices.

Currently, If you look into the smartphone market, you will see that most of the midbudget smartphones come with 2 GB. So in this Post, we will show you The easiest ways with which you will be able to Expand ram on any Android smartphone.

Tricks to Increase Ram of Any Android Without Root

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The best part of this guide is you don’t need to root your device to increase RAM on an android mobile phone, That means anyone who is on Android Gingerbread or higher can follow our method to expand ram in Android device.

Increase Ram in Any Android Mobile Trick New

So As we mentioned already told you there are many ways that to increase ram in the android phone by using root method but what about nonrooted users. So We will start with the most trusted and Working Way.

New RAM Increasing App for Non Rooted User ( Method 1)

One of the new ram expander app available in Playstore is Smart Booster application, The best thing about this ram increasing tool is that it is completely free to boost the RAM of any android. Before going to our main topic let me introduced how the app will work to Collect more ram on your android device.

The app finds out those unnecessary applications which are not used by you for a long time, After that, it slows down them. Below is the Method to Setup the app to increase ram in android phone.

Step By Step guide to Increase Ram in Any Android Mobile Using Ram Expander App

  • Step 1. First of all Download and Install the Smart Booster app from Play store
  • Step 2. Next, open the app
  • Step 3. Now You will see the Amount of Free ram on your device
  • Step 4. Now tap on Settings
  • Step 5. After that, in the settings, you will get RAM Boost option
  • Step 6. Next, Tap on that
  • Step 7. Now you will see 4 Options on the screen
  • Step 8. You have to choose Strong option
  • Step 9. Doing this you will get much amount of ram without killing apps
  • Step 10. Now if you want to Set all the procedure automatically then just tap on Boost automatically

By doing this you will allow the app to automatically optimize the apps and increase ram in any android without rooting.

Ram Booster app to Increase Ram in Any Android Phone

So we will use another app with which you will be able to expand ram on your android phone. So the 2nd app we will use to increase ram is the Ram booster Extreme app, The best part of this app is it is freely available on play store and you dont need root acess to Run the app on your Phone.

You can Also Install TWRP on Android phone and after that, you will be able to Install Custom rom on your Android phone.

So, You are thinking about how the app works right??? Then let know you Basically the apps work like as a task manager and you get more amount of ram on your android smartphone. So below is the Step by Step process to set up the app to boost ram in any android phone

Increase Ram in Any Android smartphone (No root) Step by Step

  • Step 1. So, first of all, Download and Install the Ram booster Extreme App from Playstore on your android device.
  • Step 2. Next, Open the App
  • Step 3. Now You will See A option on The Screen ” Boost
  • Step 4. All you need to do is Just Tap on That Boost Option
  • Step 5. Now you will be asked to Confirm the action “YES” or “NO”
  • Step 6. Just tap on YES button
  • Step 7. Now Go back and Tap on settings
  • Step 8. Now in the settings ,you will see Ram Boost Level
  • Step 9. Now select Strong However if you want more ram you can Choose extreme

Thats all !! Congratulations!! Now you Will see a huge Improvement in the performance of your smartphone because you have successfully increased the ram of your Android.

Ways to Increase Ram in Any Android Without Using Any Third Party App

So above was the two methods in which we told you how to increase Ram in Any Android Phone using apps, But still ,there are several other ways with which you can Increase ram of your Android phone without using Anything. So below are those methods.

Method 1. Black Wallpaper to Increase Ram in Android

Using black wallpaper to increase might sound strange to many users but the truth is that if you use Live wallpapers or Bright colorful wallpapers then they use a lot of ram to operate and hence you face problems like hang and Lag, And Good thing about black wallpapers are that they not only increase ram in android but also they save battery of your android phone having amoled display.

Method 2. Uninstall Useless Apps to Increase Ram in Android

There are plenty of Apps that we dont use on our Android phone but Still ,we keep them, when you have apps installed on your android phone they consume a lot of space and ram even if you dont use them. So to get some extram amount of free ram and space on your android phone Delete all the apps you dont use.

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There are many apps that promise to Increase ram or increase pthe erformance of your android phone, But in reality ,they dont do anything and consume a lot of ram. so it is better not to use such apps.

Method 3. Delete Junk Files and Cache to Increase Ram in Android

There is no Direct Relation between Files in internal memory and ram but still ,if you have a lot of files present in Sd card or Internal memory you will face hang and lag in your Phone. So to Keep your device faster it is recommended to delete all the files you dont need.

We already told you earlier that there are some methods with which you can use the memory card as extended ram but for that, you need to have root enabled on your Android smartphone, And in the above guide, we have told you Some methods in which you don’t need root Access on your android smartphone.


So these were some of the ways in which you can easily increase or expand ram of any android mobile without Root. If any of the method worked for you Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to knock me If you are facing any issue while following the process of boosting RAM on your device. Please share this post with your friends on Social media and Help Techtalkies365 to motivate more.

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