Smoothly Play PUBG Mobile Without Lag on Low Ram Android

Hello Everyone, Are you facing lagging issue while playing PUBG mobile on your Low ram device? So are you searching for How to Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly in Low Ram Device Without Lag? Then We TechTalkies365 must say you are in the right post. Today In this Guide We are going to tell you the easiest Method to Play Pubg Mobile smoothly in Any Less RAM Android Device. Currently, PUBG mobile is one of the most trending games ranked at the top position in google playstore. PUBG mobile has more then 10 Million Daily Active players which are seriously crazy.

So there are many users who want to play PUBG on their Android mobile, But they can’t Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly, because of Low Ram Mobile and Poor processor. PUBG mobile is almost 1.5Gb in size for an Android phone and is a huge game so it requires a lot of RAM to work smoothly. So if you are one of them who are looking for the solution of Low Ram Phones lagging issue to play Pubg Mobile then you can follow this guide and we are sure that you will get the solution to your problem.

Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly in Any Low Ram Phone Without Lag

Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly in Low Ram Device

So as we all know that PUBG mobile needs good internet connection and minimum 2Gb ram to run smoothly in android device and in case even if you have good internet and your game still doesn’t work perfectly then it might because of your Low ram Smartphone, So, you can follow our guide to Play PUBG mobile without Lag in Android and after you follow each and every step correctly you can Reduce PUBG Mobile Lagging Issue in Android.

The PUBG Mobile Developers, recommends that PUBG mobile will give an average performance on a 2Gb ram device. But If you follow this guide you will be able to Play PUBG smoothly on Low ram phones, So without wasting time lets start the Guide.

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Method 1: Play PUBG Smoothly on Any Low RAM Android Mobile

So if you ever played PUBG mobile then you might have seen option to increase or Decrease the Graphics quality while playing the Game, and it’s pretty much obvious that if you play Game on ULTRA HD Graphics then the app will consume a lot of Ram and CPU usage. So the first step we will do to Run PUBG mobile smoothly on any android phone is to reduce the Graphics and to Do that follow the below-given method:

Step 1. First of all Open the PUBG mobile app on your device

Step 2. Next, You need to Start Any Match that you want.

Step 3. After that, you will see a gear icon at the Top right corner of your mobile screen

Step 4. Now You will see many Options on the Screen in the Right side

Step 5. Tap on Graphics, As soon as you tap on graphics you will see many options to select in between

Step 6. Now, select Graphics and Tap on Smooth.

Step 7. Now Tap on Frame Rate and Select Low

Step 8. Now Stop the Game and reopen it.

Doing this you will see a Good Ram and enough space difference while playing the game in the Low RAM Mobile Phones

Method 2: Run PUBG Smoothly on Any Android Phone

I have already told you that to run smoothly PUBG needs a strong internet connection. This is only because the game is totally based on Servers. So you can face problem while playing the game if your internet connection is poor. Also if you want to Play pubg without internet you can Follow our guide to Play PUBG mobile without Internet So follow the Below given steps to Solve internet problem while playing PUBG on android:

Run Pubg Mobile Smoothly for Wifi Users Without Lag

Step 1. First of all Check what PING speed you are getting while using the internet

Step 2. The game Depends on The Ping Speed you Get

Step 3. If the Ping Speed is Poor, Then Turn off your Wifi Router for 2 minutes and then turn it back again

Step 4. Turn off all Automatic updates while using wifi ( Most android devices start updating apps automatically)

Step 5. Now run your game again.

That’s all!!! This will solve your problem and you will be able to Run PUBG smoothly on any Android Phone

Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly For Mobile Internet Users

Step 1. First of all, Go to the Settings on your Android Phone

Step 2. Now Go to Mobile and Networks option

Step 3. Now Tap on Preferred Network option and Tap on LTE

Step 4. Now Turn off your device and turn it on back again

Step 5. Now run your PUBG mobile.

That’s all!!! This will help you to run pubg smoothly on Any Android Phone

However, If both of the methods don’t work for you, Then you Can follow our Detailed Guide to Run PUBG mobile without Lag on Any Android Phone

Method 3: Play PUBG Smoothly on Any Android Phone Without Root

Step 1. First of all Turn off your android device, By Doing this you will Force stop most of the Apps

Step 2. Now Go to the settings on your device and tap on Applications

Step 3. Now one by One See all the apps and Shortlist the apps you dont want to run automatically

Step 4. Now Open all the apps one by one and force stop them

Doing this you will get a Good amount of ram space on your Android Phone

That’s all!! After doing all the above steps Run your Pubg mobile game smoothly. In case if all the Above given Points doesn’t work for you then you can read our Guide to Increase ram on any Android Mobile Phone


So this was our Guide on How to Play PUBG mobile smoothly on Low ram Devices, We hope this Guide helped you in running The game smoothly.

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