Enable 2FA on Reddit: Hello Everyone.Today in this post I am going to share How to Enable 2FA on Reddit Two-Factor Authentication 2018? American social news aggregation, Reddit has finally declared an offer called two-factor authentication to all users, Which means Reddit users have an ultra zone of security beyond the standard email/password combination.

How to Enable 2FA on Reddit Two-Factor Authentication to Protect Your Account

How to Enable 2FA on Reddit Two-Factor Authentication 2018

2FA is a double-lock or you can say an extra security for your account. So, you enter your password as usual, but then require an OTP code from your device to gain access. By using this 2FA on your account your account will get complete security from hackers. If someone knows your account password but they still did not access your account until you gave then the OTP code. Thus, two-factor authentication (2FA) stops hackers from accessing your account by simply entering your password.

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Reddit Enables 2FA for All

In the digital world, a lot of websites are using to secure their account this 2FA. Therefor Reddit also offers now their users that can use 2FA.

How to Enable 2FA on Reddit Two-Factor Authentication 2018

Reddit has made its two-factor authentication free, so users will need to enable it to protect their account. If you don’t know how to Enable 2FA two-factor authentication on Reddit. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1. At First, Log into your Reddit account on the desktop,
Step 2. Click on preferences, and then select the “password/email” tab.
Step 3. Under ‘two-factor authentication’, select Enable.
Step 4. Verify your email address
Step 5. Enter your password
Step 6. Set up your authenticator app (see ‘Get the code through an authenticator app’ below for more information)
Step 7. Generate and save your backup codes
Step 8. Once you have enabled 2FA on Reddit you’ll be prompted to enter a six-digit verification code generated on your phone when you log in.

Protect Reddit account with two-factor authentication!

Supported Devices:

This works on desktop, mobile, and third-party apps, but does require Google Authenticator, Authy, or another TOTP-supporting authenticator app.

Reddit 2FA Account Pros and Cons:

1. Pros Reddit 2FA:

Reddit 2FA Backup Account

Can Generate backup codes which you should print off and store in a secure location.

These will allow you to reach your Reddit account even if you lose your mobile device or cannot use your authenticator app for some reason.

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2. Reddit 2FA Cons:

Login Annoying

Reddit account Two-factor authentication is rather annoying, especially for those who log in and out of various accounts through the day.

However, 2FA is really the first safety net beyond the simple email/password combination that really isn’t secure at all these days. So it’s worth the pain.

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Hope you like this post You Can Now Enable 2FA two-factor authentication on Reddit. What is your personal opinion on Reddit 2FA account? Do you use two-factor authentication across various websites? Will you be using it on Reddit? Do you think it’s a stronger solution for protecting your Reddit accounts in future? Please let us know in the comments below!

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