Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos: Hello, Everone. Today I am going to share with you a very strange and surprising topic which can blow your mind. Recently facebook company declared that they need nude photos of Australian users? But the question is Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos? – Here is The Surprising Reason.

Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos? – Here is The Surprising Reason

Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos
Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos

Revenge porn is becoming an increasing problem but The Facebook company is testing a new feature that will enable users to upload their own sexual or nude images so that they can be quickly flagged up.

Recently, The Australian government’s Office of the eSafety Commissioner declared it is  (FB, -0.17%)  teaming up a pilot program to help combat revenge porn and the intimate sharing of images appearing against their will on the social network’s platform.

More than 10% of women in the U.S. under the age of 30 have been victims of revenge porn, according to the report of Data & Society Research Institute in 2016.

Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos
Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos

The social media giant Facebook confirm that by collecting everyone’s private photos, they can regenerate the images into a “unique digital fingerprint” that can be used to recognize and block any attempts to re-upload the same image. Using the same technology that social media companies use to identify terrorism-related or child abuse images.

The Giant Company Facebook also told that the system would allow victims of “image-based abuse” to take action before pictures were posted on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

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Facebook Needs Users Nudes Images…but it Plans to Use them to Fight Revenge Porn

Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos
Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos

Users are asked to complete an online form on the e-safety commissioner’s website describing their interests and then users will be asked to send Facebook any images they do not want to be shared on social media. Their submission will be notified to Facebook which will then the images sent would be turned into a “unique digital Fingerprint” to ensure another user cannot upload the same photo.

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The company also stated to our relief, that they will save these images for a short time of time before deleting them to ensure it is implementing the policy correctly.

Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos
Why Facebook Needs Nude Photos

According to a recent research, 1 in 5 Australians has faced nude or sexual image-based abuse, where a private photo has been posted to social media without their consent. Besides, Other social media sites, and as well as giant tech companies like Google and Microsoft have also taken notable steps in taking the issue of revenge porn.

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