Great Tips to Write an Outstanding Resume: Finding work in this economy can be pretty difficult. Sure, there are a lot of fields that are hiring all the time, but the same thing cannot be said about every single industry. The competition can get pretty fierce.

If you just got out of college or have little experience, finding a job with a solid pay will not be easy. However, you can improve your chances of success by writing a solid resume. Potential employers tend to pay attention to those resumes that stand out, especially if they receive hundreds.

Again, something like this requires experience, and it would not be a stretch to say that plenty of people hire professional resume writers to boost their odds. But if you decide to be honest and write the resume yourself, the tips mentioned below should help you.

Great Tips to Write an Outstanding Resume

Great Tips to Write an Outstanding ResumeTip #1 – Look at Examples

Starting with examples is a good piece of advice. You will not be able to write a resume without knowing how one looks. Of course, there are a lot of different templates on the internet, but you should focus on what would be appropriate for the job you are applying for.

A single-page resume is quite popular these days. Some employers could potentially appreciate an effort of you putting all the relevant information on a single page.

Ideas from reputable sources are also something worth considering. For instance, you can take a look at the best CV examples collected by Letstalkaboutmoney and use them as a reference. 

Tip #2 – Focus on Keywords in Job Ads

Focus on Keywords in Job AdsIt is no secret that plenty of jobs use automated tools to skim through resumes. They select only those that meet certain criteria. And it just so happens that certain keywords can be the difference-maker between you getting rejected and getting an invitation for a live interview.

Pay attention to job ads, and make sure that you include keywords in your resume. Sections labeled “requirements” or “qualifications” usually have the most relevant keywords. 

Tip #3 – Use Right Formatting

You can find plenty of templates on the internet and use those for your CV. However, be wary about any requirements that the job you are applying for might have. Moreover, copying everything word for word is certainly not recommended.

People who have to go through tens of resumes every day will know immediately when a resume is not original. 

You also have to emphasize visual aspects as well. Use proper fonts, subheadings, bold important information. A photo of you is not necessary, but it is recommended to include one. Some jobs specifically ask you to include a picture. 

Tip #4 – Include Only Relevant Information

Great Tips to Write an Outstanding ResumeSome people tend to go overboard and add more information than they should. For example, if you once had a typing job as a side hustle, it may not matter if you want to land the position of marketing director. As one would expect, contacts, such as a phone number and email are necessary but do not go into personal details too much.

And this applies not just to personal information. A job ad has certain requirements, and people who are going to handle the process of hiring will expect certain things. Do not ruin their expectations by putting too much stuff. Focus entirely on what is relevant to the job. Doing so will increase the odds of finding your dream job. 

Tip #5 – Emphasize Important Achievements

Lack of experience when looking for work is the biggest problem. You must have heard about ridiculous requirements, such as five years of experience for junior positions. But a lot of people cannot get the experience because they cannot get the job. It is a never-ending cycle.

Even if you have very little to show, add that. Perhaps you have done some volunteering in the past that helped you get skills relevant to the job you are applying for? Or maybe you used to write blog posts on that specific theme or niche? Or maybe you interned and gained experience there? If you believe that this information is valuable, be sure to add it. Such achievements, while trivial, are still better than nothing. 

Tip #6 – Proofread and Edit

Proofread and EditDo not neglect proofreading and editing. Your resume should be in the top shape. Even simple typos give you a bad look. Take all the time you need to read through the resume to make sure that there are no more mistakes. In fact, you should give the resume to another person and ask them to read through it. 

Tip #7 – Think About Unique Resumes for Different Jobs

It is common to apply for multiple positions when you are hunting for jobs. Even if the industry is the same, you might still find that having different resumes for different jobs is necessary. 

Think about the pros and cons of having multiple resumes prepared, and consider which of them fit the best in different situations. At the end of the day, the more effort you put into perfecting your resume, the more you will gain.

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