How to Unlock FRP of Your Samsung Phone: How are you? I am fine. Today I am discussing a new topic which is not common. My topic is How Do You Unlock FRP of Your Samsung Phone? Bypass Factory Reset Protection. That means how do you bypass the Google Account all of your Samsung Android phones?

How to Unlock FRP of Your Samsung Phone? Bypass Factory Reset Protection

How Do You Unlock FRP of Your Samsung Phone
How Do You Unlock FRP of Your Samsung Phone

What is FRP?

If you are an Android user, then you are known to the word FRP, If you do not know then know that the Android developers are launched this New Factory reset protection. For this FRP, if you format your phone or if you do hard-reset if you have to log into the phone using your previous Gmail ID, and otherwise you cannot use the phone, because, this lock is considered as an invalid. And to use the phone again, you have to go to the service centre, and you have to spend the money.

How does FRP come?

Suppose someone has changed the password of your phone, and your phone has locked, and then you have bound to do the hard-reset, then FRP may come and your phone is very hanging, you format your phone and come to the FRP lock. If you are an original user, then you must have a Gmail ID used on your previous phone. Just enter the previous email ID and password on your own WiFi or mobile data and unlock the phone. But if you’ve forgotten what’s your used Gmail ID then what do you do?

The Requirements:

  1. Computer
  2. USB Data Cable
  3. Odin Software
  4. Samsung Freeware

For Samsung Fireware: Click Here

If the Samsung USB driver is being on your PC, then you don’t need to install this software, and if there is not being there, then download this software from here

 Now, install the software. Then, switch off the phone. Volume down button + home button + Power Button: press the three button together.


Then, only press the Volume up Button, then your phone will enter into the Odin mode. After doing that, a page will open like a below picture.


Now, active the Odin Software, like the below-mentioned picture.

FRB-bypass-from-samsungNow, connect your phone with the USB data cable in ODIN mode. Then, a page will come like a picture, then you will see “Added” in the ID: COM option.

Bypass-any-samsung-frpIn the AP option of the ODIN software, unzip the downloaded Samsung freeware and you will get Exynos CPU and Qualcomm_cpu. In between them, you will get Exynos.tar and Qualcomm.tar; now select Exynos_cpu or Qualcomm_cpu as Exynos.tar or Qualcomm.tar according to your phone’s CPU model and open it.

If the CPU of your phone does not know, then unzip the file of the Samsung Freeware and you will get two files Exynos_cpu and Qualcomm_cpu, and in these two files, you will get Models.rtf. In the word file, you can find out the model of the CPU of your mobile.CPU of your mobile.

Baypass-frb-from-samsung-mobileNow click on the “START” option and wait for the 10 seconds. A page will open like a picture. A reset will come and then PASS will come. And you will watch that your phone will be restarted. And, the bypass your Google account of your Android Phone or unlock of the FRP of the Samsung phone will be done.

A Confession:

By following the above steps you can bypass your Google account of your Android Phone or unlock of the FRP of the Samsung phone very easily. But, you don’t try to download any software by force. If you do it or if you do any illegal tasks then for this www.Techtalkies365.Com authorities will not accept any responsibility.


How to Unlock FRP of Your Samsung Phone?


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