PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: PUBG continues to rise the ranks for being one of the top mobile games all across the globe. Its Battle Royale has become the top-most game, beating Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, and Knives Out.

Battle Royale involves a hundred players scurrying for weapons right after they end up on an island. The game’s map has a designated safe area that continues to decrease in size, and eventually, the last team or player wins.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Become a Battle Royale Master

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Become a Battle Royale MasterBattle Royale needs you to be super agile to compete with fellow players and respond to varying situations. So here we have a comprehensive list of Pubg cheats to achieve success and become a master of Battle Royale.

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Be heedful to the map.

When you are accustomed to PUBG’s landscape, pay heed to the mini pay and be mindful of the decreasing play area. The “circle” will be the only safe zone in PUBG, and that will diminish in between a match. Staying outside the ring for a long time can make you die.

As the circle reduces, the damages you face will increase on the field. A white outline will indicate a new ring. Keep a strict watch on the map to know where to go next. We recommend not rushing in the game’s early phases and being quicker in the end.

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Appropriate sensitivity

Having an excellent sensitivity brings about a noticeable difference. There are varying sensitivity settings for the gyroscope, ADS (aim-down-sight), and camera. Adjust the individual sliders for camera views and different scopes. Select an overall setting present on the top and continue customizing after getting a better hold.

Steer clear of getting shot

If someone is shooting at you, stop running in a straight line. Try jumping around and zig-zagging to keep away the bullets. If you have been fired from a distance, never lay down. Get cover and have a look at your mini-map immediately to understand the shot’s direction.

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Cover and peek

Another essential trick in Battle Royale matches of PUBG is to hide whenever possible. But, move quickly, only for a reason. If someone proceeds to you from behind, be sure that you will die. Thus, we recommend edging the opponents by always keeping an eye on the surroundings and the mini-map.

Take advantage of the rocks and buildings’ sides to get cover once you are out in the open. You can also peek from the cover’s side without revealing your limbs. If the need arises, remap the buttons or simply reset everything after a mess up.

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Shoot in range

A trick in the Battle Royale game is to determine when to hide and strike. Try not to open fire ever unless you are confident that your weapon can knock out the target. Shoot in range.

For up-close damage, shotguns work great; for long-range shots, sniper rifles work well, and for mid-range shots, assault rifles and pistols do the trick. Keep complementary weapons in-store rather than weapons having the same purpose.

Looting is a must after shooting.

Loot first and shoot later is an excellent trick in Battle Royale. Do not die early in the game. You will find vital loot dispersed in the supply case drops and buildings whenever you ambush the floor. Loot in the early stages involves armor, half-decent weapons, and ammo.

Look around and get hold of the firearms nearby. Aim for armor at the third level.  Pick bandages and painkillers as health items for your first-aid kit. To diminish players’ count, you need grenades as they can be used as offensive and distraction tools in the game’s latter part.

Pick out a safe landing spot.

Do you know your Battle Royale game can last for hours, or it can get over in microseconds? That is if things go awry. Thus, avoid misjudging the initial spot of landing, or you will have to exit early. Identify and target the best looting spots in your game map while avoiding other players.

Remember that areas like military bases and power plants are the best weapon and armor spawning. After jumping from the cargo plane, search for swarms that head toward a single spot and avoid it.


PUBG Battle Royale is not only about explosions and gunfights. It would be best if you were extra cautious about adversaries lurking around and especially the ones camping. We recommend getting the best pair of headphones so that you pick up the movement of enemies and whether they are approaching you in vehicles or on foot.

Do not hoard heals, scopes, or extra ammo; share your loots with your fellow teammates. We hope you liked our tips, and if there is anything you would like us to mention, do care to tell us in the comments. 

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