Most Interesting FUNNY Features of ELGOOG in 2020: Google is stunning. We all appreciate our dearest web crawler Google as it causes us to discover the data in regards to nearly everything in existence. What’s more, we all as a whole have great use for this excellent tool, whether we use it for assignments, ventures, business, making DIY’s, getting the hang of something, etc. It has the most number of listed pages and gives the most exact and accurate search results.

We mainly search over Google, and the outcomes come right away. In any case, have you at any point considered Google to be something totally unique? That’s to say, every one of the outcomes and words backward, for example, everything from right to left backward bearing, inverse to the typical data processing.

elgooG By Google and it’s Most Interesting Features

elgooG Google Features

All things considered, you should imagine that I have gone crazy, yet correct, there exists a turn around Google. Loosen up, I am discussing Google Mirror or elgooG the inverted Google. This site is a totally psychotic internet experience. In any case, it’s additionally very fascinating and fun to use.

On the off chance that you wanna have a fabulous time and need to find something new and exciting to do, visiting a reverse Google site is an extraordinary traverse in cyberspace. Tell us progressively about this pointless yet intriguing and remarkable site in detail. There is plenty of engaging interactions; you can play out using this weird website.

What is elgooG?

Google Backward, of course. As I referenced before that it is a mirror site of The site is actually similar to google, however, in turn around. Writings are shown right to left. Every one of the words, sentences. The hunt box and even the list items are appeared backward heading. It would be delightful to type the questions back. Indeed, you don’t need to enter the spelling of the questions in a retrogressive way; however, it will consequently make the spelling reverse. You can check official website From here

Intriguing Features and Particulars about elgooG

Even though elgooG is a totally unique site, the query items indicated are from Google, and at whatever point you click on the output of elgooG it will take you to the specific connection. Indeed, there are bunches of different things and stunts of elgooG, which are progressively fun. We should investigate 10 fascinating things to think about this google site.

Fascinating Things To Know About

The regressive spelled words, as well as there, are all the more intriguing things that elgooG offers you. It gives some fascinating smaller than usual games. You can play these games in your extra time. In this way, underneath are some intriguing things to think about elgooG.


Gravity takes control of all the articles present on the Earth that we as a whole know. In any case, will it take a shot at your indexed google lists? Obviously, it would. Gravity is the use of elgooG in which every one of the catches, search box, and so forth fall on the base of the window like there is gravity taking a shot at the articles.

Gravity Features Google Trick

For looking through something, first, you would need to discover the hunt box and afterward type your question there. The indexed lists of the specific inquiry will likewise tumble to the base of the window. It would be exceptionally intriguing to see the control of a site falling because of gravity. Along these lines, don’t hang tight for anything and mess around with the gravity application of good. Btw, would you be able to pick your indexed lists up from the base? All things considered, attempt it.


Have a strange need to drench all your query items underwater? It is conceivable with the assistance of There is an inbuilt application in elgooG that will inundate all your indexed lists under the water.

Underwater Elgoog

The indexed lists, as well as the pursuit box and different controls, will likewise be flooded in the water. Each time you search for anything, it will fall into the water. You can also tap on the components to ricochet them. Sounds astounding, would it say it isn’t?

Show your Location

My Location New Feature of Elgoog

elgooG knows your area. Try not to trust it? Check for yourself. My area application of elgooG can tell your area. The scope, longitude, IP address, address, everything, it will let you know.

Bing Mirror

Bing Mirror Elgoog features

Much the same as elgooG is the reflected site of Google, there additionally exists the equal representation of Bing. Need to look at it? Snap the Bing Mirror button on elgooG, and it will take you to the Bing mirror.

Wallpapers from Bing

bingwallpapers elgoog

Need to get some HD backdrops? Assuming this is the case, at that point, Bing Wallpaper accessible on elgooG is all you need. Just snap Bing Wallpapers catch, and you will get many astounding HD backdrops.

Along these lines, this was about elgooG, the Google reflects. Expectation you preferred these fascinating things about elgooG. Offer it with your companions. Stay tuned for all the more intriguing stuff.

elgooG semaG – elgooG Games

Pacman Nostalgia

Elgoog Pacman Nostalgia

How To Watch Free Narutoget Boruto & Naruto Episodes Online

We, as a whole, know this game since our youth. Pacman was the most loved round of numerous kids in their adolescence. I likewise enjoyed the game without a doubt. Also, elgooG knows this very well. That is the reason it has included Pacman game in the applications it offers you for nothing.

You can play Pacman legitimately on the site. , click on the Pacman button, and the game will be there on the site. For moving the Pacman, you will require squeezing the bolt keys of your console. When you don’t have anything to do, then this round of elgooG will assist you with passing sometime.

Wanna Play SnakeGame?

snakegame Features

The first-ever game we played on the cell phones is the Snake Game. It was the best game portable game in our youth. On the off chance that you again need to get a similar inclination, at that point inbuild snake round of elgooG will support you. You can play the snake game in elgooG. The bolt keys will control the moving bearing of the snake.elgoog

Strings of the Guitar

Strings of the Guitar

The Guitar is such an incredible application of elgooG. With the assistance of the Guitar application, you can really play guitar. For doing likewise, first turn on the volume of your framework, head to the ( official site, click on Guitar catch, and afterward, the logo of the site will be changed over into a guitar.

Snap-on the strings of the guitar to play it. Furthermore, you can even record it and tune in to your chronicles. Play a few tunes like Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Forest Grump, and harry potter by squeezing the console keys, and you can get keys arrangement to play that specific tune from beneath the inquiry box of the website.elgoog

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