Are you having page authority and domain authority issues for nothing? You may be doing great work on your website for getting huge traffic yet are facing checking the PA and DA of your website. In this piece of writing, you are going to learn about the top 7 useful page authority and domain authority checkers with a spam score.

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Top 7 Useful Page Authority and Domain Authority Checker Tool Online

Useful Page Authority and Domain Authority Checker

Prepostseo Da Pa Checker

Useful Page Authority and Domain Authority CheckerPrepostseo is a domain authority checker with a spam score. It is a great tool for checking domain authority for free. It helps analyze the content quality, ranking signs, page authority, and estimated traffic impending to avail on the website.


Have you ever used Duplichecker? It creates authentic and real reports for page authority and domain authority of any website. It shows exact report, and never create a blend. Thus, it can be of gargantuan importance for you.


Many bloggers and writers are sometimes worried as they observe that their page authority and domain authority is declining. Actually, the tools they use have very low quality. Robingupta page authority checker is one of the good pa and da checking tools.

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Your website’s domain authority is growing, but the tools you use for this purpose may not show this as these tools are poorly made. But the tools mentioned here are great, and BulkDAChecker is one of these tools.


Did you ever observe that your website’s domain authority starts to go down rapidly? Else, you might have noted your website’s increasing DA. It is because of the tools you’re using. People are even unaware of the great tools that can of great importance. Moz is praiseworthy tool for checking pa and da of a website or blog.


OTTSEO has helped many SEO experts to track down the page authority and domain authority so that they can find out, what results they have got. Many clients, who seek freelance services of SEO, use OTTSEO for checking the results if there is any increase in DA and PA.


99Webtools, irrespective of other services, is the best tool for checking page and domain authority of a website. It has great worth in 21st century where several tools are created on a daily basis. You can find out many other features in this tool.

How to Increase PA and DA of a Website

For great PA and DA of a website, one needs to have a great focus on the SEO of website. SEO expert can help to increase DA and PA of a Website as he or she knows the best practices for this.

  • Proper on-page SEO

There are several points for the exactly growing website. First of all, there is need to code a website, and then one needs to make it according to the requirements of the audience. If it is a digital marketing services website, it may have a different design while even changed for a content writing services website.

Thus, for higher PA and DA, one needs to design a website in such a way that it provides value to the audience.  Proper on-page SEO is very essential for a website.

  • Link building or off-page SEO

On-page SEO builds quality while off-page SEO is liable for creating authority to a website. Thus, for having increased DA and PA, one needs to more on off page SEO. Do you know how to create backlinks? Here are the methods below.

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Social Bookmarking

There is a way to create bulk and quality backlinks known as social bookmarking. You need to study more about this so that your website can get quality backlinks.

Blog Commenting

There are several blogs created on a daily basis. People don’t enable comment moderation when they are new at blogging. Thus, old bloggers use such newly created blogs for getting backlinks. These blogs don’t give much value as gives a ranking blog yet such backlinks add value to the overall off page SEO of a website or blog.

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Guest Posting

Guest posting is a greatly praised method to get backlinks from high-authority websites. Blogs and websites permit you to publish your articles or content on their websites including some hyperlinks back to your personal website. Thus, you can get quality backlinks using this method.

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Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach has become an important method for link building in 2020. This is somehow tricky and difficult to do because here you need to communicate with other bloggers to give you a link. Thus, you have to convince high authority website owners to give your site a link.

  • Technical Factors

Technical factors like the speed of the website, the name of the domain, and the hosting server play an influencing role in the ranking of the website. Have a focus on them and improve as soon as possible.

Website speed

Do you know that website speed can provide you a great increase in traffic boosting the site’s SEO? Yes, it does. Website speed is one of the factors of SEO. There are many services on freelance marketplaces at reasonable rates that will increase your website speed for a few bucks.


Some websites get ranked easily while others take years of SEO. This is because of hosting and server factors. You need to have high quality hosting from a reputable service that can add value to your website in front of search engines. With low-quality hosting, you are not going to rank soon.

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The domain name does not play any role in the SEO of the website. Yet, it is necessary to be human-understandable, and memorable so that people can easily remember the name and open it without searching for any keywords. The URL path after the domain name is a ranking factor for search engines.

  • Frequency and regularity of your website content

If you publish content frequently, and your competitor publishes more frequently, then there is a chance your competitor may rank first and you on the number 2nd. You have to write more frequently and regularly if you are willing to boost your DA and PA which will affect your ranking positively.

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